08th October 2006


Halo4life MySpace

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26th September

New site design launched

19th September

New montage Trailer released

SiNGH's SpaCe

01st November 2006

I came back from holiday in India yesterday, absolutely amazing, really cannot be bothered to play Halo anymore. Rape Nozzle.
My montage is coming out at XL

11th October 2006

I have just hooked up Lordsams new subdomain for him and have editied it all up. Fixed up looking sharp here. CLICK HERE FOR LORDSAMS SUB

His MySpace is also up CLICK HERE FOR IT

08th October 2006   

I have just made the Halo4Life MySpace. Click it below to add us to your MySpace

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

My montage is coming along very slowly at the moment. I want it redone. So im going to take some time out to finish this up propperly.

26th September

New Site Design Launched, in preparation for my new montage

19/September 2006

Release of my new montage trailer CLICK HERE TO WATCH. It was originally my montage intro but I got to  give people something to watch till I finish up my montage. So onto making a new intro and editing up the final pieces. SiNGH > effects

14/September 2006

Just finished uploading Doppelganger 2’s montage and it is amazing, the man can stick like a machine. Yet again lives up to the role of a sticky God Click here to watch

Many of you have been asking me about my new montage 2. Yes It is complete sitting on my desktop at the moment. It will be released in good time as soon as the new template is up and running. I will let you guys vote on how good it is. In time.

 - My Myspace is here                                   

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Currently Not on XBL for the next couple weeks. Got some A Level Work need to get on top of. When I get back on those up for FFA Middy(Human, Br, Radar ON) Send FR to H4L SiNGH with a txt message, saying up for FFA.

22/November 2005.


 - Over 13,000 downloads, making this montage the most downloaded UK montage